Sunday, May 28, 2017

Vin Scully ripped by Gary Radnich...

A few weeks ago- I meant to post this- Radnich and Kruger got a load off playing a soundbite of Vin Scully doing some kind of right wing opinion of socialism while he was doing a Dodger game..and Vin sounded old..must have been near the end.
It's obvious Gary Radnich and Larry Kruger were basically saying- "See,he gets all praise,now HATE HIM".
Cheap shot at making themselves look better in the bay area.
Plus,now I don't like Vin Scully so much. Mission accomplished Gary!

Wouldn't it only be Gary Radnich to yank down Scully's image?   Radnich who's getting KRON to buy him into the bay area HOF.

Forward this to the LA Times.