Sunday, May 21, 2017

Who's hotter- Claritin D woman or Toyota woman?

When the Clariton D does her dance down the pharmacy isle?..ooooooh. Toyota woman in her heels and general black haired perfectness is right there.

There's a another older MILF..prilosec?..She's got more "health" if you know what I mean then the younger more petite ladies of Clariton and Toyota.
She does that sly smile thing to perfection.

THEN,you have the older 40 ish..with the big booty who's walks on a lawn in heels and she sort of wiggles? What was she selling? Big blue eyes,short brown hair. Insurance? I might have to update this post.

I like my commercial woman. Wholesome beauty. Aren't they all what you were supposed to get in college?..the dream? They may sell dog food on commercials...but they are all woman. Perfect woman.

Added: The bootylicious woman is in the Liberty insurance commercial. Red haired.