Friday, June 30, 2017

Stanley Roberts on vacation in Montana. He told me.

I'm not sure why 415 posted my correction,but not the post I sent that needed it. I can guess,but I wont go down that road...

Trump:High functioing and insane.

Maybe not totally nuts..but he's unstable. Nobody who gets elected President tweets about turning away a woman with a bloody face. What Trump is doing is all revenge..revenge on the critics,revenge on the fact Obama gets respect,while Trump is laughed at STILL..even as PUSA. Remember he hated Obama jabbing him 3 years ago at the White House correspondents dinner.
All he does is undo what Obama did. Insane behavior. He doesn't care what Obama did or what reason- Trump just wants to undo it.
Now? With the noose getting tighter around his neck from Mueller? I think he has visions of getting even with the 70% of America that hates him. No health care,a WW3 with Korea...either or whatever cause it is, I see Trump looking at the burning mess he created and thinking to himself "All I wanted was for you to love me".

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump tweets=proof he's cracking.

He's not reverting...reverting would be resigning as prez and going back to his little empire. So,these old style tweets that even he knows a President who wants respect would never do are more Trump cracking as Prez. One day he will just grab a pu**y in public and start to laugh. Get the net.

Republicans would back Hitler.

No matter how much Trump stomps on the dignity of the office...Republicans like parrots say "He has the right agenda".
There is your answer..crude,lewd and ignorant are fine quality's for a President if he's going to stick it to the (poor) man say Republicans.
Woman too.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Radnich zings his enemy Pam Moore.

Jerry Rice as a pro golfer was a joke was Radnich message on the former 49er great. Then,when talking about Steph Curry..Radnich went out of his way to bring up he was a told you so on Jerry Rice in 2010. He then inferred that people who want to watch Curry play golf in Hayward will be disappointed at Curry's golf that Pam Moore came back with reality "I think they just want to see him play as fans of his"  Radnich shot her the stink eye and told her "uhuh,See you there" in 100% jerk, no smiling, wiseguy talk.
That's Gary's World.

Everybody wants to go to Heaven,but nobody wants to ever die.

SO said a Republican Senator about the health care. I don't remember the guys name. Senator Toobadforyou?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Radnich,the typical 70 year old All american dad with an 8 year son.

I just thought how funny that he pushes that he's the standard when I never met anybody with a father even close to being as old as him with a grammar school child.
I'm sure at home,the kid watches his "standard" use his cane,moan at every move,sleep, and do all the things a 70 year old does. Farts when standing up. Not on purpose like a younger man...
Whats proud family man about that?
Ah-- He's our very own Donald Trump. He comes close to pointing out how hot his daughters are. Very close.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Healthcare bill. 50 men ignoring the wants of 250 million+

I would never thought that was possible. Didn't we laugh at country's where fearless leaders policy were voted in by some assembly by 9 out of ten? Tenth? He disappears soon.

CNN feeling the pressure...

Lets face it,Trump has four years to get his spoiled man ways. Even CNN now has to watch every thing it claims as its a case of Trump can be a liar 98% of a time...but if CNN gets something wrong 2%? The public turns on them. That's what being President can do.
If you ever wonder what would happen if this became an all Republican country? What it would be like if those 1968 conservatives were able to get their hands on the dirty hippy's? Now ya know. No health care to speak of. Lots of hard line laws on anything petty criminal..while white collar crime is just a gift from heaven.
Eventually the tide will turn...back to riots,assassinations..the whole enchilada of 70% of this country tired of the 30% rules.
But,for now- it gets worse before it gets better.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cold is bad,warm is good.Hot not so good..

I miss that warm we had..not the 100f ,not the 90f...but that 80-86f or so. I know that I cant take that stuff they live with in San Francisco..I mean,c'mon Hayward was at 80f,and I saw SF had gone down to 59F near the end of the heatwave.
Where in the eastbay combines most heat in summer and less cold in winter? Lots of sunny weather? Some people say San Jose. It has southern California like summers- it averages 80f..but it does get a bit cold at night in winter- dropping below freezing 6 or 7 nights a year. That's not good for what I like to grow.
But! if you buy on a south facing hillside in San Jose..or Fremont or get great cold air drainage ,possibly creating a never a frost garden. You also have those warm-away- from -that -darn summer-bay-breeze that gets on my nerves in Hayward flatlands.  Go up into the hills..and its warmer.

A good place to start is the Mission San Jose area of Fremont. You drive there and start to see more and more tall old the Pioneers sensed even before global warming this is a good spot to remind them of southern Spain..Mexico.
Hayward has spots in the hills that do warm up considerably more then the flats. Only ,its still know.

Forgot to buy lotto. Stupid Mexicans in hot rods racing down Hayward streets ruin it for the good ones. The end,man.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Who will rid us of that Idiot in the White House?

Mueller better pack a punch...Trump is near psychotic and the GOP backs him on whatever he does. Even with the guy with the head too small and pointy-Senator Tre somebody of some cold state- is freaky looking and acting. Who votes for that freak? All those weirdos push Trump's agenda.

Trump is like the airliner hitting the Twin knew it would be bad...but take down the whole ....Country? Never saw that coming.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Mike Savage Weiner needs to have his liver get infected by Rock Star soda. Oh,the irony.

Its scary that madman has people who listen to the madman who is always wrong.  Our local 415 blogger fawning is pure embarrassing..Its like reading what Trump staff say around the big table as fearless leader soaks in it.

Maybe Obama WANTED Trump to win?

Maybe after 8 years of the endless and vile racist postings,theats,jokes at his very existence and culture,Barack Obama deep down thought "Give these bigots what they want. Somebody who will take their health care,promise jobs that never come,causes rioting in the streets...Give the Tea Party what they want.
What they deserve.

Some media hitting harder. Its about time.

MSNBC with Laurence and Maddow have been using words like liar about the Trump. I think gloves are coming off as Trump threatens to take down society- or as his main man Steve Bannon tells him "De -construct the country" What THEY would replace it with is back to 1785. Maybe the middle ages.
I have to admit the hate for Trump is also followed by no respect for him or his supporters. You know what they would have said if Obama had gotten Russian help? What would the Republican public say?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Who's immigrating to the Bay Area?

Was at a swearing in ceremony at the Paramount today for a friend.  Did you know 95 countries were represented?..even white countries!
No.1 China.
No.2 India
No.3 Philippines ( loudest cheers from)

4. Mexico. Go figure.

Stan Bunger of KCBS was a host. Nice of Stan.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I told you..Red State Republicans WANT a Trump dictatorship. Its nationalism and yes,racism.

Its why he's never going to drop below 35%...that core is all for Trump's illegal agenda. See,like Trump they DON'T care about the greater good. They don't care about Global Warming real or not. They don't believe in evolution.
A far as the greater good? ALL they care about is- do I HAVE THAT JOB. It can be pouring poison into the river,as long as they get a paycheck,its a good thing to them. One kicker is - they might not EVER get a job from Trump policy's..but if they think it might work out for them?,Trump can sell secrets to Russia all he wants.
Listen to those people,its all "whats good for happy valley" They have NO interest or compassion for the third world getting poorer as Trump promotes rape of their resources. Its ALL ABOUT ME AND MY KIND with the Trump supporter. In cahoots with Russians and Koch Brothers and their kind,they are taking down Democracy- damn right they are.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sean Spicer lets Russian media ask questions...but not CNN. Traitor Sean Spicer.

How low has Trump sunk? the title. I can hardly wait for justice to remove them all. I will applaud it. Make popcorn. as double hockey sticks.

I like warm..80's are great. too much. The heat gave me a terrific headache last night..I had to put a wet washcloth on my noggin. Even with the A/C going at daytime chores must have got to me.
You know,something as simple as that remedy could be a life saver.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

How long will the media not say the words "Traitor" "Treason" "Criminal"?

Look- if everything being investigated turns out to be done...Traitor is all the above. Its amazing how they dance around this fact. They SHOULD be pounding a drum to it.
They even go as far to say "Money laundering" without saying that its there is some debate to it-lol. Collusion cheating on homework..not the high crime and hijacking of Democracy it is.
Fox? LAUGHABLE.  They are still "Donna Rice,Loretta Lynch,unmasking,leaks"...

100f. Like the good old days.. Music too. I gotta cloud nine man...

Reminds me of those hot central valley summers as a kid. Great except for the hottest part of the day. Perfect for riding the Schwinn with banana seat- the faster I pedaled the better my air conditioning worked.
Summer ,warm and country fair in the country sun ( or son,that works too)

Averi Harper still tweeting on behalf of KRON.

What does that mean? We can only wait and see.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Say hey,Joe Hughs at KCBS weekends at least.

I think he ends every traffic update with his signature "Radnich sucks, man!".

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Former KRON blonde weather goddess Jaqueline Bennet now in Boston.

Last I heard she was in San Diego. I hear not good things about Boston- racist,especially to Asians,and the Mexican food is non existent. The weather sucks of course.

Why pretending to cut peoples heads off or a mass stabbing in the back can backfire..

When it really happens..then it goes from protest to guilt trip extreme. Its just more of life's "Be careful what you wish for". Except winning the lotto. The one wish I keep going 24/7. One day I will even buy another ticket. That might help me win.

Added 6/17: Huh.,turns out the same back stabbing of Caesar was done using an Obama like actor in 2012 in that play.
See? Performance art.

btw- Kathy Griffin hasn't tweeted a thing since THE day.

RADNICH takes a shot at Obama today. Again.

Talking about the Warriors going to the podium to talk: "Obama at the podium was all B.S." said Radnich.  The little woman next to him "He's not the president,Trump is". Radnich looked confused and did some mumbling..never said a bad word about Trump.
So,he can shove it every time he claims he voted for Obama. Never said that when Obama was president.

Geraldo Rivera aka Jerry Rivers sold his soul.

He's a willing bottom for Sean Hannity.  He's lost all his pride...laps at Hannity. He was the big rebel Latino in the 70's, and when his career went into the dumps- like Dennis Miller- he found sucking up to those who like simple answers for the status quo could do alright. Get paid.
I watch Hannity...and the play acting on his show causes even those on the show to stifle laughing at how they exaggerate all they can get away with.. "Leftist terrorists target Republicans"
 One guy with a gun.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Warriors the only local sports season to look forward to.

All the rest are going nowhere except the Raiders going to LV. 

Repub Congress man blames Demo's!..says he will open carry a gun!..sure, that's calming!

Such an ..imbecile. Who says "Its the rhetoric of Democrats" its Donald Trump flaming and trolling the nation? Then,he adds fire with talk of carrying openly a gun.
Chris Collins..imbecile of the day.

6 months of Donald Trump has done this and more.  Mueller is our last hope?

American's will only take so much. As I predicted.

I said..people will take action. One of my posts from a couple of months ago. Trump is unraveling democracy. In my lifetime,I've never seen anything like this..nothing even close.
This guy sounds like what could be many more of...
No,not me. I don't have guns and need more then political philosophy to get THAT worked up.

Added: Uhg- Repubs take no blame for the flame. When do they ever?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I have a fan club of woman on EBT.

Eh,they can't help it. I have charm and charisma. Only natural. Me and Clooney have the same eyes you know..
I've been told.

Monday, June 12, 2017

When do we get Trump out of office?..its like years of that demented man already.

I see every person who praises him as liars,sycophants or gold diggers. Traitors are the military men. Politically? They are all in the ethnic cleansing category. That's the ultimate goal. Yes,it is.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Reagan era cuts in education are REALLY dragging this country down now...

Based on what people say in comments section?  Evolution is still a mystery and unproven. White men were here before the Indians and Mexicans. The poor,the immigrant and the sick have ALL the power and have all the money. I never hear complaints about the wealthy or Wall Street or the Military Industrial Complex as sucking up trillions. Nope,they learned from those education cuts its Willy the Hobo and his Mexican wife who own it all. She's driving a 73 Cadillac.

Painting the trim on the house gets really old around the third day..

Doing the touch up and additional painting not done 3 years ago when the whole house was done. 3 days of wearing painting clothes,washing off paint off of myself and the numbingly boring cleaning the paintbrush are getting to me.
Looks nice..but I'm glad the homestretch is on. One thing- Behr makes a great porch paint. Drys in an hour. Covers very well.
Ok..back to it...

Friday, June 9, 2017

FOX NEWS likes it's men to lisp.

Sean Hannity,Steve Doocey,Greg the comic guy, Hannity has some fat guy as guest all the time. He has a lisp. Lets add Sean Spicer for the fun of it. All,Jay Leno's.
What is it about conservatives and speech impediments and being hard hawks? Over compensating?
How can a TV network have so many? WHY?
Man,get a towel if your a guest on those shows. You need to wipe off the spittle.

Oop,Reality Winner far more radical then me...

Shoot,I would NEVER support the Taliban,ISIS, or that crap.  They don't like the Warriors? To hell with them!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Tweeted Klay Thompson to put more arch in his shot. His slump is over.

Sure,coincidence that he's putting arch in his shot. Check my Tweets. He was slumping pre my Tweet before game 2. Now he's had good 2 and game 3's.
Just a coincidence he's doing exactly as I advised. Lots of Arch.

I stand by this post as 100% true.

When you take on right wing trolls? You HAVE to get down and dirty.

THEY will comeback 1,000 times with saying the same racist or disgusting sexual talk over and over. Eventually they trip up..and I nail them.  But! its the same pattern. You out debate them? They go to monkey and banana. EVERY time.
They are like one big bigoted brain across the country..coast to coast the Blob of racist Brains.

Joe Tiboni. Must be an idiot..he "relates" to Radnich.

A real estate developer is Gooooofy Gary's best friend.  Says a lot. Or ,maybe Joe pats the dunce on the head. "Oh you leased a really nice used car" that.
 I wonder how many endangered animals and plants Joe plowed under over his career? Oh,he did it legally? Much better.

Larry Radnich's other wife.

When you depend on Gary Radnich to make a living? That's damning. Krueger cant do it on his own.
He seems to have come to terms with it.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I wish I could thank Reality winner in person. She's a patriot.

I do. I would tell her tens of millions of Americans- if not hundreds of millions- thank her for her sacrifice for Democracy. Quite a young lady.

Cialus..for wet woman.

You see the commercial? First woman is in rain..soaking wet. Second in the bath. Cant get any wetter then that.
Not too subtle.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Jason Statham does it again. Best ass kicker in the movies...

The rotten Meth dealers knock him out with a huge rebar bash to the head ( makes a bruise!)..he's tied up to a chair...they beat Jason mercilessly! blow to the ribs after another,THE FACE hit left and right.. THEN, they dunk his head in a drum of water...WATERBOARDING him over and over as he sort of gasps for air.
Ok,that really made him mad.
After all that- a beating and waterboarding......he summons super human powers- faster then the eye- to jump up head butting the dirty guy above him- kapow! he's out. Before that scum hits the floor,Statham slams his foot into the other guys shin- snapping it like a tooth pick..oh man,that's hard to do. I've tried that -wink wink.
Eyowwww! he knocks out the third bad guy with a high kick to the chin ( he's still tied up!) Spins and same deal to the guy on the right!..4 down,one to go. BEFORE The last guy runs into the room,Statham cuts his ties the macho way..on a grinder.
Well,the last guy gets the full fists of fury..I could hardly see those fists they moved like lightning. Kap-pow- he's sent to the river.
Statham? He put a band aid on after all that...  That's what I do.

"Homefront" check it out.

Radnich goes to a game. After three years of my posting .

EVERYBODY..knows KRONS Sports Director avoids going to games. He still wont do after game interviews.
It goes back to when he stopped and would sit in his car a whole avoid all the Radnich haters who would heckle him.
He is OUR Donald Trump...narcissist, natural born liar. Likes to show off wealth..and talk about his beloved over priced used car. At least Trump has new.
Radnich is trying to change his image now at 70..after he spent the last 15 years saying he roots for the Dodgers,Brett Favre is better then Joe Montana- oh yes,he said that back when, and of course Kareem Abdul Jabbar should stop talking about his fight with MS "Nobody wants to hear that" He couldn't have been a bigger asshole huh?. Then,he ripped Jerry West for talking about his life long fight with Depression..and Radnich like pure stupid Donald Trump went on "What has West to be depressed about? He's made a fortune". That's his great mind at work.
Radnich also never had a good thing to say about a black Democrat or any Democrat and  NOW says he voted for Obama.. a lie.
His stupid opinions always agreed with the money. The sooner he's got dirt thrown on him the better.
Yep...he's Donald Radnich.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Vulgarity is now the norm. Defend or be run over by tank treads...

All over the net.. Donald Trump is making vulgar the way to speak.  If I have to? I will,in defense. Just asked for it.
Otherwise,my thinker has better things to do-lol.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trump not having fun as President..speeches are at near whisper level...

That whole pulling out of Paris ( ehem) was weak. He sounded weak,sounded like he read the words for the first time. What the hell does he do all day? Pout?
Like Howard Stern said months ago- Donald Trump's mental health isn't up to being President. Obama said Trump doesn't have the faculty's or temperament to be president. Everybody was right.

The Kathy Griffin investigation..

SS Agent no.1 "We learned she's a comic". SS Agent no.2 "Investigation done".  SS agent no. 3 "Now who's planning the SS hooker ball in Rio?!".

Stan handles "threat" from troller..

I noticed that the far right goes straight to threats and the filthy mouthed in no time. One guy (Mike) posted on EBT's  "I will be looking for you". So,some kind of stalker threat. I told him the worst mistake he could make was to find me. The EastBayTimes deleted his threat right? the next day another name, "Becky" complete with pic of busty babe,comes out of nowhere and says- sounding exactly like "Mike" posts "Oh,I'm so scared of you" "she" added more "Mike" talk after that!
The idiot forgot he was using his OTHER he masks himself as "Becky".
It ALL goes back to why Republicans are low life..they are proud to cheat,lie, and reach for the gutter,turn TRAITOR to win. Like Trump.

Radnich skips his Fridays embarassment.

After last Fridays embarrassment..I guess the shame kicked in. Hers. He has none -ever.

Friday, June 2, 2017

King of shoe's critics.

lol- sorry it cracks me up at what nerves I hit. My finger on the pulse of shoes and Dan Ashley's hair. At least I knew everybody hated Radnich.

I have stalkers,I have famous people tweet me,I get interview offers..

The right wing trolls HATE that Im known. They exist with no original thoughts and can't stand I nail them on site after site.
Whats ironic? They really are the FOX news watchers who hate the idea of African Americans on welfare..and of course THEY are on welfare!
Yep I get the Susan Rice loons and the laughable types start with loving Jesus.and then end with racist slurs! They must have forgot Jesus was a brown skinned curly haired Jew.

Oh well. I'm moving on liberal as I can be. I get the greater good for all idea.

Who leads the bay area as all social media master?....

I know who you think it is. It's instead Frank Somersville. He's the local King of tweet,FB and all like that.
Who's in second?    Stan......ley Roberts. Yes.  I can see both having hardcore fans. Frank is a Trumper type light.  Stanley Roberts reaches the parts of the bay area that actually face reality..the ugly side of things at times.
Blogging wasn't included I believe.

Anyways, I read that about 3 weeks ago....meant to post sooner.

Dana Delany tweets me, corrects me..

So I see where she tweeted Laurence O'Donnell congratulations about being re upped on MSNBC.
Well,I had read one of those "Conservatives in Hollywood that you never would have guessed" Internet articles..I think its been a couple.  She was on it. So,I tweeted that to O'Donnell.  The beauty who starred in "China Beach", tweets back to me "You've been reading the wrong lists". Well,I guess. So,I told her, sorry .
Ok,its a start. World Famous actress answers a me tweet. Soon,one day it will be to point out how much they admire me.
One day.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Real Estate Developer people should never be elected to office..

They are right there with bankers and wall street/Harvard types as greed meisters. Trump would pave Redwood state park over and make garden furniture out of the giant trees.

Real Estate salesman? Making a big deal.