Monday, June 26, 2017

CNN feeling the pressure...

Lets face it,Trump has four years to get his spoiled man ways. Even CNN now has to watch every thing it claims as its a case of Trump can be a liar 98% of a time...but if CNN gets something wrong 2%? The public turns on them. That's what being President can do.
If you ever wonder what would happen if this became an all Republican country? What it would be like if those 1968 conservatives were able to get their hands on the dirty hippy's? Now ya know. No health care to speak of. Lots of hard line laws on anything petty criminal..while white collar crime is just a gift from heaven.
Eventually the tide will turn...back to riots,assassinations..the whole enchilada of 70% of this country tired of the 30% rules.
But,for now- it gets worse before it gets better.