Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cold is bad,warm is good.Hot not so good..

I miss that warm we had..not the 100f ,not the 90f...but that 80-86f or so. I know that I cant take that stuff they live with in San Francisco..I mean,c'mon Hayward was at 80f,and I saw SF had gone down to 59F near the end of the heatwave.
Where in the eastbay combines most heat in summer and less cold in winter? Lots of sunny weather? Some people say San Jose. It has southern California like summers- it averages 80f..but it does get a bit cold at night in winter- dropping below freezing 6 or 7 nights a year. That's not good for what I like to grow.
But! if you buy on a south facing hillside in San Jose..or Fremont or get great cold air drainage ,possibly creating a never a frost garden. You also have those warm-away- from -that -darn summer-bay-breeze that gets on my nerves in Hayward flatlands.  Go up into the hills..and its warmer.

A good place to start is the Mission San Jose area of Fremont. You drive there and start to see more and more tall old the Pioneers sensed even before global warming this is a good spot to remind them of southern Spain..Mexico.
Hayward has spots in the hills that do warm up considerably more then the flats. Only ,its still know.

Forgot to buy lotto. Stupid Mexicans in hot rods racing down Hayward streets ruin it for the good ones. The end,man.