Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I told you..Red State Republicans WANT a Trump dictatorship. Its nationalism and yes,racism.

Its why he's never going to drop below 35%...that core is all for Trump's illegal agenda. See,like Trump they DON'T care about the greater good. They don't care about Global Warming real or not. They don't believe in evolution.
A far as the greater good? ALL they care about is- do I HAVE THAT JOB. It can be pouring poison into the river,as long as they get a paycheck,its a good thing to them. One kicker is - they might not EVER get a job from Trump policy's..but if they think it might work out for them?,Trump can sell secrets to Russia all he wants.
Listen to those people,its all "whats good for happy valley" They have NO interest or compassion for the third world getting poorer as Trump promotes rape of their resources. Its ALL ABOUT ME AND MY KIND with the Trump supporter. In cahoots with Russians and Koch Brothers and their kind,they are taking down Democracy- damn right they are.