Monday, June 5, 2017

Jason Statham does it again. Best ass kicker in the movies...

The rotten Meth dealers knock him out with a huge rebar bash to the head ( makes a bruise!)..he's tied up to a chair...they beat Jason mercilessly! blow to the ribs after another,THE FACE hit left and right.. THEN, they dunk his head in a drum of water...WATERBOARDING him over and over as he sort of gasps for air.
Ok,that really made him mad.
After all that- a beating and waterboarding......he summons super human powers- faster then the eye- to jump up head butting the dirty guy above him- kapow! he's out. Before that scum hits the floor,Statham slams his foot into the other guys shin- snapping it like a tooth pick..oh man,that's hard to do. I've tried that -wink wink.
Eyowwww! he knocks out the third bad guy with a high kick to the chin ( he's still tied up!) Spins and same deal to the guy on the right!..4 down,one to go. BEFORE The last guy runs into the room,Statham cuts his ties the macho way..on a grinder.
Well,the last guy gets the full fists of fury..I could hardly see those fists they moved like lightning. Kap-pow- he's sent to the river.
Statham? He put a band aid on after all that...  That's what I do.

"Homefront" check it out.