Monday, June 5, 2017

Radnich goes to a game. After three years of my posting .

EVERYBODY..knows KRONS Sports Director avoids going to games. He still wont do after game interviews.
It goes back to when he stopped and would sit in his car a whole avoid all the Radnich haters who would heckle him.
He is OUR Donald Trump...narcissist, natural born liar. Likes to show off wealth..and talk about his beloved over priced used car. At least Trump has new.
Radnich is trying to change his image now at 70..after he spent the last 15 years saying he roots for the Dodgers,Brett Favre is better then Joe Montana- oh yes,he said that back when, and of course Kareem Abdul Jabbar should stop talking about his fight with MS "Nobody wants to hear that" He couldn't have been a bigger asshole huh?. Then,he ripped Jerry West for talking about his life long fight with Depression..and Radnich like pure stupid Donald Trump went on "What has West to be depressed about? He's made a fortune". That's his great mind at work.
Radnich also never had a good thing to say about a black Democrat or any Democrat and  NOW says he voted for Obama.. a lie.
His stupid opinions always agreed with the money. The sooner he's got dirt thrown on him the better.
Yep...he's Donald Radnich.