Saturday, June 3, 2017

Stan handles "threat" from troller..

I noticed that the far right goes straight to threats and the filthy mouthed in no time. One guy (Mike) posted on EBT's  "I will be looking for you". So,some kind of stalker threat. I told him the worst mistake he could make was to find me. The EastBayTimes deleted his threat right? the next day another name, "Becky" complete with pic of busty babe,comes out of nowhere and says- sounding exactly like "Mike" posts "Oh,I'm so scared of you" "she" added more "Mike" talk after that!
The idiot forgot he was using his OTHER he masks himself as "Becky".
It ALL goes back to why Republicans are low life..they are proud to cheat,lie, and reach for the gutter,turn TRAITOR to win. Like Trump.