Friday, June 30, 2017

Trump:High functioing and insane.

Maybe not totally nuts..but he's unstable. Nobody who gets elected President tweets about turning away a woman with a bloody face. What Trump is doing is all revenge..revenge on the critics,revenge on the fact Obama gets respect,while Trump is laughed at STILL..even as PUSA. Remember he hated Obama jabbing him 3 years ago at the White House correspondents dinner.
All he does is undo what Obama did. Insane behavior. He doesn't care what Obama did or what reason- Trump just wants to undo it.
Now? With the noose getting tighter around his neck from Mueller? I think he has visions of getting even with the 70% of America that hates him. No health care,a WW3 with Korea...either or whatever cause it is, I see Trump looking at the burning mess he created and thinking to himself "All I wanted was for you to love me".