Monday, July 31, 2017

Radnich says "He doesnt live in a fantasy world"...Huh? Funk Soul Brother no.1?

With his sauna,and overkill "look at me " car?  And wearing makeup?...or, how about its so real to laugh and giggle from 7am to midnight? Whats not real life about all of that?

btw- He was tearing somebody's dream down when he said that. What made it even more crazy.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Radnich says he "reinvents himself every ten years" in a sarcastic way. Only,he does.

I mean like many of his personality and ego..he can do what the market wants. If he makes a mistake- that is something he does might cost him financially or his job..suddenly, he's cured.
Most of what you don't like is still there simmering and ready to come when he rips Pam Moore faster then his filter can kick in.

John McCain wins. I take it back.

I hate when I lose.
He saved more lives with one vote then all the armed forces did in Vietnam.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stan Predicts?=The end of Democracy.

Trump fires Sessions,Fires Mueller,fires Rosenstein,  THEN ,he declares martial law until the end of his term. A ruler of all he see's,Trump has minions now appointed to destroy all evidence of Russian collusion from the FBI,CIA and et al..the rest.
I think this all can be done.

Feeling like a negative nabob of negativity..

Trump is bringing me down,man. Its a real downer to see after 8 years of classy Obama,the man who represents my ideal Republican living up to my ideal ideas of all of em.
Woo- good thing its summer. Imagine this in the cold and rains? eesh.

Trump meets with Evangelicals...bad-boom,he's anti everybody.

Not a coincidence.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mueller needs to look at Trumps medical records. Med's and Psychology.

What he might find is frightening. Anybody who has the Doctor he does,could be a person taking certain medications that tell something Trump hides.

Trump- corner me and I go far right by the day.

Why would transgender even be on his mind? Go back to his meeting with evangelicals..types that have not served our culture or society well. More of a cult that wants to go back to the dark ages. That group loves Trump.
Trump in 6 months has turned right and seems to be slumming in it. He's now seeking out right wing ideology he can invoke like he's King Trump.
No surprise to me. He's a dishonest person. I knew that all along.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nancy Sinatra re tweets me.

Before the vote she like others wondered what McCain would do?   The answer is, He voted to give life to a bill he then made a passionate speech about a bill he would not support.
SO I tweeted "And then he voted to give it life. Go figure"  Nancy Sinatra I assume agreed.

Think about it..John McCain was lionized for the speech about his distaste for a bill that will strip 32 million American off of all health insurance and no doubt create a huge gray area of poor quality insurance like the old days- you found out it wasn't worth a damn when you had a heart attack or had cancer. Insurance company's after years of payments canceled you!..canceled your life. McCain had the power in his hand- one single vote to kill that bill off. Then he voted for it.
Goddamn John McCain.

John McCain give Dem speach,then votes pure right wing Republican.

That's his act. His "voice of reason". Yet,he has a lifetime of voting right,not left or even center.
I guess it lifts the guilt.

Republicans become Mr.Rogers when Trump is the subject.

Again,on Trump swearing and other crazy things he said to the Boy Scouts?  Just a giggle and he's so cute..was all the Republicans could muster.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Kushner: I am all open and transparent. Kushner: Lets negotiate on my telling the truth, preferably in private"...!

He reads his script today on how transparent he is,after answering questions he needed to negotiate terms of,whoo-za.Oh boy.
I didn't hear one single news voice bring up the hypocrisy.

The problem with Jerod and Donny and even Paul and the young Mitch is...They needed to have had somebody just kick their ass when they invoke their smarmy attitudes in class or recess. An attitude adjustment for all of them.  NO wonder the elder Trump avoided the draft.

MSNBC,listens to me.boom- they go to no.1

I said "Get tougher on the Trumpers,and dump Greta.Keep Laurence.  I posted all that,tweeted all that..and MSNBC has ridden that to the top.
I tell you  I like the bald guy and Ruhl in the morning. THEY turn up the flame. The bald guy today came so close when hearing the Repub politician with the Mr. Rogers tone as he described the Trump white house.... with a big slap to his forehead and loud comeback with "DO you think I'm fucking Stupid?!?
The Repubs all do  Mr.Rogers as they try to pass bills that cause hardship for Americans that are something like Asian death camps and Nazi Holocaust centers put together. Enjoy yer cup of rice a day - the Republicans love you.

Does North Korea have an A bomb already here in the USA?

How do we know they dont have a boat or two..floating off the coast looking like a trawler that instead has a land Nuke 20 miles from Downtown L.A.? OR ..shudder,in SF bay?
How do we know the USA hasn't been told by NK,that they will detonate that bomb if we as much as find it?
More and more it looks like the Generals "We can defend against North Korea"is in reality not a defense,just a massive retaliation. One you hope happens as you die of NK fallout.

Samuel Jackson needs somebody to tell him "NO". He's killing Al Green's legacy!

That credit car commercial where he croaks Al Green's Lets stay together?..had to have been his idea. Maybe he twisted their arms because there is no reason for that horrid rendition to see the light of day.
Sam is a good liberal..but his ego runs amok. He once said he could beat Tiger Woods at golf. He was serious. THAT was said when Woods was still great. So,make it doubly nutty and vain.
Some people take fame and fortune gracefully,and other use it to bash everybody with proof of their born betterness then thou. Like the President.

Beach Boys songs for beachy weather..

This might be my fav BB song.
I knew a beauty named Rhonda . Getting old sucks so bad I couldn't tell you.

Here,have a whiskey. Make it a double shot..

When you thought all girls were going to be like this. u-know,Perfect.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Trump ties to mobsters coming back to haunt him.

Remember I told you that when I watch the crime channel ID that I've seen about 3 separate episodes where murderers and con artists or both..had friendships with Donald Trump? Back to the 80's at least and that I said Trump KNEW these people were up to no good..but they made money. Good enough for DJT.
I heard a report today that Mueller is now looking into Trump business deals as far back as the 1980's. With mobsters.
You read it here first did you not?!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Slick is the new WH communications director.

He's the new guy in charge of lies.  He's just warming ujp as I type and I'm sure his insults to the media wont be many days away. "They" are against us is rampant in Trump's appointments.
New people take the vow the inauguration crowd was largest ever. From that you normal people have to decipher what the real meaning in whatever the subject is. Good luck.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I wish OJ Simpson would just die already. Sick of his punk ass fake sincerity.

"I've always avoided conflict" THAT BULLSHIT should have got him another two years.
The man is convinced he's a great actor while that stupid mug of his grins. OJ Simpson is a sociopath and he feels about as much guilt about what he's done as you do about killing bugs with a can of Raid.
The media should make him an outcast..god,cant we even do that for celebrity's who kill?
It never turns out guys like him get a stalker. No,OJ will laugh and boast that he can do whatever he wants. He will do that...those types must laugh at society. Bastard.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Prankster brings out the inner fool of FOX news Jesse Watters.

Not only did the 18 year old pretend to be an anarchist..but got Watters to ask if a police horse was racist?  The kid answered "Yes,it is a tool of the police, a Trump supporter and intolerant".  LOL, a racially intolerant horse..hee-hee-hee.
Fox doing all it can to pretend Russia doesn't exist. Or that the obvious- Trump is a traitor- is something nobody thinks.
An intolerant racist

Trump JR. accepted information gained by espionage. So,why hasn't he been arrested?

It couldn't been more prima facia. He admitted it. Info from a hostile adversary. He should be posting bail right now.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I thought I had belly button cancer..

It started to be itchy. So,I was no pitcher,just a belly button itcher. After awhile it got more intense..I found myself scratching even with a shirt on. The other day- I noticed i had a small patch of darkened skin near the b.b. Felt a bit rough.
I think it goes back to when I was laying down watching TV and the cat was sleeping on top of me..he's a big cat too. He started to slide off me and since I was already on the edge of the mattress..he felt himself about to fall off the whole bed- that cat then grabbed on to me with full claw. Ouch.
I guess that was the cause of the irritation.
Dogs never do that. But,what can I do?..he's a pet. He still looks forward everyday to "TV hour" or so. His routine is too eat,sleep on me,eat some more..and he loves ice water. I have to put a cup on the end table..he loves the ice in it. Like father like cat,I love my ice maker refridge.
Damn animals..they give so much and ask for so little. Ice water. Cracks me up!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Eric Swallwell...tweets all day baby pictures.

At first,no big deal. But I had unfollow the guy because,its nothing but woman fawning over his babay photos all day!..C'mon Eric,you are not the first person to have a kid,and- it might not be the most perfect baby ever created. With all that needs to be done and said..a Congressman trolls for baby compliments.
I like babays. But he should do a mommy blog and use that for "Here's the baby looking left" "Here he is a minute later looking forward"..all day long.

MTV must read obscure song now in regular rotation.

In April I posted about "Stuck on You " by  Failure..a one hit wonder. Next thing I know,its now in at least 3 MTV classics since then. What a coincidence?

Hard to be too critical of local media..most are about the same.

Why I sort of let up on that. Other then the hair and shoes..most of them are pretty much equal. After all theses years I still don't know how those News Directors decide that one reporter should go and another they know nothing about has to be hired. Me? I would be the good Arron Perro . That is- you have job for life..just don't be an obvious idiot like Radnich who I would fire in an instant. Sure,Gary is an icon. For everything a sportscaster shouldn't be. Pam Moore would be gone. No enablers on air.
Otherwise,at 2? I would give the heave ho to Claudine Wong. She's not a people person and her interviews are as flat as can be..she's not the type to have fun. Ask her to do a story on a water hole that's fun for jumping in? And she shows up all bundled in cloths she cleans her house in..never puts her toe in the water. But KTVU thinks she's a star- so what do I know? More power to her. I guess.
Hard to name others that I get a negative vibe from .  KGO's Laura Anthony? barrel of monkeys. Leslie Brinkly has a high opinion of herself. So does the Castro woman.
They get the job done all in vanilla.
The Male reporters? Super Vanilla...not many to name that stand out in a bad way...who terrible? JR Stone..again,he's a darling with management. So,I must be missing something on him huh?
Tom Vacar hates what he does. Or is that just the impression he laser beams out? lol. Again..hey, he's got the job. He's got a law degree. So fuck you
I hardly watch KPIX. So ..bland its like painting your room in matte eggshell white.

Hey I wonder if Britt Shipp ever thought of a breast reduction instead of those bindings she has to do to flatten herself for family news viewing? Its like watching a shy person try to blend in with the wall. Too much of a good thing...
Yeah,running out of today's observations. One day..back at it again.

Lieberman not posting my comments.

Its why you don't see them. Christ,that guy is like a woman. Throws his tantrums over anything I say that's true.
He likes to post twisty insults at what I say with commenters taking a low shot..and when I come back with truth?..Lieberman wont post that. A little dirty poo I would say on his part.
But then he's the guy who loves to boost the racist Mike Savage who is popular with the far right crowd. Lieberman doesn't exactly hide that he and Savage having the same culture is a big reason "He looks past Savage politics"..yeah right,look past his reason to exist-lol.
I'm the most honest person in the media in what I say. That's what scares them. ALL of them.

One last. Lieberman is another who thinks minority means only black. He cant see past that. I sure can...

Not one media person has the guts to tell Ryan or Mitchell,"You only want to repeal what a black man did"

Not one has the guts to say what most if not all Democrats know- the Republican party's whole drive is to take down what a Black President has done. Even as Trump goes down a list of executive actions solely aimed at undoing what the black president before him had done.
It cant be more obvious.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

FOX news pure adultry. They cheat the country every chance they get.

I watch them every now and then. Hannity and Carlson are in right wing fantasy land. Carlson now see's himself as a great debater who fills his interviews with nonsensical putdowns inserted at every chance he can get. He also heavily edits his interviews to keep out moments where he's nailed between the eyes. I imagine what would they sound like unedited? Tucker cant keep up.

Hannity with his speech impediment? No wonder his anger. He must have been made fun off all his life. Now,he returns no mercy-lol. He just takes whatever recent law Trump broke and calls it a fantasy. I notice he tries to get mileage out of "liberals"..only nowadays liberal is making a huge comeback. Its not a dirty word in mid America..not when Trump's policy's dump people on their asses.
Hannity is just straight out ideologue. Not a hint of truth matters to him. He creates a running story and pushes it like its the real truth. Cats eat that. He's so dishonest,I bet he cheats on everything..taxes,relationships-woman or men. You never know with him is the vibe.
Rupert Murdoch is here to push making money. Nothing else matters. Its what screws up the world.

Tim Kawakami leaving the Merc.

I never did like the guy. He hinted at being a truth teller...then bent over backwards for a decade because of his man crush on Billy Beane.
He's just not likeable.

Why hasnt Donald Jr. been arrested?

If it was you or me..we would be in jail. Guilty until proven innocent. This traitor goes on TV,lies and lies more. Law enforcement does nothing. Jeff Sessions says nothing. Treason as clear as can be. Yet,not only has he not been arrested- not the Senate or Congress has made a move to subpoena the traitor.
In fact, not a single subpoena has been issued to anybody in the Trump crime syndicate. There were dozens over Benghazi,Hillary was grilled over and over.
Republicans prove I've been right about them.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Is Gary Radnich still alive? his BASHOF push in full fake modesty.

I tell ya- when he decided to be a shock sports jock 10 years ago? Was not a great idea. Nobody hated him until then.
He learned his lesson on the family thing too. If your say- Andy Williams and beloved? You put your  kids and family on TV. IF your Gary the asshole Radnich? Not a good idea for the kids who will take the brunt of it. "

How stupid can he be to not have seen that?

 "I root for the Dodgers and Joe Montana is 4 or 5th best Qb"..Now look at my wife!". Jeez,what an idiot.

Trump fears firing ANYBODY now!..what will they say?

Spicer- Bannon-Miller..all of them. Donald Trump isn't making new friends and fears- FEARS- what those who had been close would say if he fired them.
Spicer is collecting gov welfare and getting free trips now. No more slighted at the Vatican!

Goddamn fucking Trump wants to destroy medicaid and O-care because Obama's name is on it. POS, that Trump is.

It should be said by every commentator...this isn't a bill to help people..its an excuse for the fucking Trump family to destroy the Obama legacy no matter how many people it kills. It more of Trump's obsessive envy of the former presidents popularity. It might even be as insanely petty as revenge for jokes at a White House dinner,that Trump should NEVER have been invited to. Asshole Trump.

Here he is about to be indicted..and the GOP is backing him 100% on that mass murder "health bill" that12 wealthy White guys in the Republican party have put together.
Just fuck the Trump family. Jail them.The media needs to hound them to hell.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I can't live on Super Model food.

I was offered a cup of those little healthy Yogurts. It was very tasty. Only, I could have eaten 25 or 30 before I felt filled.  I mean,woman must pay for the packaging..because whats in those female oriented cup of Yogurts is ridiculously small amounts of food for the price. The calories in them is what you would get in a WW2 Japanese death camp. With dirty water.
But Super Models all have long lifespans. Me? I'm outta here in much less no doubt. Pass the donuts...

Radnich and old age setting in...bloopers daily.

"Joe Lacob's team is worth 2.6 billion dollars,when six years ago he paid four hundred thousand for it". Of course he should have said 400 MILLION.
That's pretty much what he does every day now. The Giants are playing the Sixers,or he cant get the score or inning right...the day off's of teams . Something. You could play a drinking game by his bloopers.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Would Trump let his son take the blame? Of course he would..

What is doing now? Nothing. Nothing at all. Donald Trump is a selfish greedy bastard. He would let his grandkids take the blame. NO problem.

The fall of Tiger Woods easier to understand now..

I knew his steroid taking was the cause of his various back problems..its a fact Tiger when he was on top of his game,started doing the roids to get a build on himself. Why? who knows really. It could have been he wanted to believe it was his "looks" that got him the beauty's and not money and fame.
But now reading that he 's been on painkillers too for years? wonder. He could never be a great golfer with those. Dulled reflexes don't make for a great game.
I would bet the drop off of his game goes to the day he started with the pills.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Meeting with our adversary Russia to hurt a candidate..and Trump people are fine with that.

Trump could say he's a puppet for Putin and those morons for Trump will still cheer Donny.

Our first TRAITOR President. Did you ever think it was even possible? I didn't.

I tell you one more thing..I don't believe for a second that all those blue states that just in the nick of time went for Trump? That it wasn't caused by vote changing by Putin. Its not believable they hacked into vote machines..and did nothing?
I predict: One day it will come out. Votes were changed somewhere in the electronic line of vote counting.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Today's weather should be all year..

THIS is what people move to Hawaiian,Mexican, mountain valleys for...that whole 82 high and 60 low. Just perfect comfortable. Not hot...nights are cool sleeping weather. You just sit in a rocking chair..lounge around,Water the yard. Drift away..

Amy G. made for warm Giant day games...

She's as close to a goddess as they come.  At least with day games,we see her without the required parka of night games at the frozen ATT.
Really,they should give her much more camera time in day games. Its not like the Giants keep fans in suspense now a days -right?

Trump trying to divide the country- so Putin can conquer it.

Everyday..he's pushing our Democracy closer to a brink. I see an ages old plan here that allows Trump to make more money then ever.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

KRON' Steve Aveson tweets "Men of Means founded our country"..! Republican.

Yep,I guess it was those who had time to be hi fallutin and not work themselves to the bone that made this country.
Even now,Donald Trump has never gotten his hands dirty. Plus he's a 5 time deferment coward at war.

WHAT if black man Obama had been helped and colluded with Russians? AND had financial dealings with Putin?

Our biggest enemy..puts a black man in the White House?  Republicans- who turn traitor at the wave of a dollar bill or ruble,would have impeached Obama before his first Easter egg hunt.

The most negative thought ever written to be read...right here...

God has never been proven to exist by science. Poop has been proven to exist by science.

Go ahead,steal it I don't mind. Add it to your daily thought routine.
Somebody said I was a deep I wanted to add to my legacy.

Friday, July 7, 2017

omg. Ari Melber of MSNBC does Radnich imitation.

Twice lately,Melber in a serious interview has dropped in quotes of rappers. Today he did "Li'l Somebody". Just dropped it in on an "end of the world and Trump", talks.
Ah,Christ,I hope its not a running tactic with him.

Why would Rex rush Trump?

To get the meeting over? Rex had a hot date? No,I think Trump was revealing things about America's self defense programs,people...something that was making Rex very uncomfortable. You watch- Trump was as usual ignoring the country's benefit and helping Putin not get caught..and that helps Trump in his dreams of re election.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

How funny. KPFA is so far left- they ripped MSNBC and Rachel Maddow for perpetuating untruths..

I had to almost laugh when on something called Talking Points,The guest called MSNBC "The War Station"..not really clear why though. And he ripped liberals for "Their darling Rachel Maddow" who he said continued to say 17 Intell agencies say Russia hacked and meddled in the election when- a shockeroo- Trump was right- it was only the big three Intell,and the guest said they were( like Trump said) highly political. They even ripped former NI head James Clapper as somebody caught in a lie that MSNBC never brings up,when he swore the NSA was not collecting data on Americans in 2013. Only - they were as Wiki leaks exposed.
They did rip Trump..but I thought that MSNBC and Rachel Maddow getting hammered by a leftist is worth writing about.

Tall thin and beautiful....I knew something was up.

I see a group of woman standing outside of office buildings. The first thing that came to me was "Must be a training center"..sure enough,I look over and see there is a technical college there.
I know Hayward..and to see 10 out of 10 be like that? Its got to be achievers,and not the usual jeans,and tight top look,if not a hoodie,and well, body shamers could have a field day here. Its rare to see a pretty face and figure in a sundress here even in hot weather.

Not a single one of those woman had pink green,or blue hair.

I keep waiting for this city to turn a corner...housing is better,the looks of the city is much better then it used to be...But,its still has too many 2nd or 3rd generation family's full of probation punks.  With the added,"Stupid people enjoy doing stupid things" pat pen.trademark,by S.

A change in the air?..and its a bad odor.

I feel something.  Something about all around. Its more mean out there...more neighbors for example that act less like a family and more like a clan.
Trump did not start it..but he's without a doubt put a bad ...and angry chip on the shoulder to people who don't need an ounce more of chips. Sure,they had it..but now they flaunt it.
Yeah,I'm feeling defensive. I should,things are not fun out there. If you don't agree,its because so far it hasn't reached you. But,it will.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I forgot to BBQ..

I should have..forgot to buy all the stuff. The briquettes ( high leg kick!) the new bottle of BBQ sauce. KC Masterpiece is good..but I get tired of the same. Trader Joe's had a really good hot premium sauce I bought once..but I hardly ever go to shop at premium priced stores.
I did have potato salad and corn on the cob with some pork I fried up. Lots of white those are good fried. Never bitter.
Well,I did put out the old glory and washed down the eats with lemonade.  Pretty good 4th.

NK fires ICBM. OK,Why didnt we shoot it down?

I mean..Are you going to tell me that in seconds we were able to see it was not going to land in Japan?  Whats the point of having the anti missile system in SK or Japan if they don't use them?
I ask this question because the media hasn't. How did we even know it wasn't nuclear and on its way to Seattle?
or San Francisco?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Why hasnt the media pointed out "Fake News" was done by Trump supporters? The term named by the FBI.

Trump's usual- call me something and I turn around and call you the same but louder is at work here too. I wish national media every time Trump tweets the term "fake media" they remind viewers the whole term was what the FBI said is what Putin and Republican Party had done in support of Trump. So,for Trump to use it on American media is outrageous- yet- they NEVER call him down on it.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Do you feel the giant downer pill Trump has given to the country?

 Everything said about the government is along the lines of hate or blackmail or extortion tactics. Just dark and dirty and pee on me. Black oil coats the Earth.

Compared to what had been all warm and fuzzy thoughts under Obama.  Koala bears were happy and the like.

My man Gary Radnich avoids mentioning Trump..even as Trump does all the things Radnich complained Obama didn't do as President. Like kick the poor. "No more handouts!"..yeah sure. Most powerful the world,what obligation could they possibly have for the poor and disabled?..figures Trump and Radnich.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Prescription drugs have side effects "May not work for everybody" Over the counter drugs? Miraculous! cures EVERYBODY!

Just saw back to back drug commercials for prescribed and over the counter, and it was in my face the contrast was so great. Over the counter NEVER tell you side effects-lol. Even if they can kill you faster then what the Dr. gives you.

Trump the idiot- doesnt get TV people are PAID to talk about his faults. Its their job.

Like Kathy Griffin being dark humored,TV commentators are doing THEIR JOBS ripping Trump for his faults.
His job is to be Presidential. At that,he's failed miserably.

KRON and NEXSTAR fire their old "HR" director. One more Radnich enabler bites the dust.

When I read that they had fired her and what her position was-HR, It came to me she was one of the enablers that let Radnich drive so many other KRON people away with his bully tactics.
Remember it was Radnich who mocked that he could do what he wanted with "Does KRON have a HR?" many times. No wonder he could bully woman at KRON- and those woman had to tell themselves "He's just being funny calling me a whore" in when Radnich waved money at Moore for a strip act. He did that. Yep "He loves us" those abused woman had to say to keep their sanity and job.
NEXSTAR has gotten KRON to be more professional. They still have a ways to go,I can tell you that.