Saturday, July 15, 2017

FOX news pure adultry. They cheat the country every chance they get.

I watch them every now and then. Hannity and Carlson are in right wing fantasy land. Carlson now see's himself as a great debater who fills his interviews with nonsensical putdowns inserted at every chance he can get. He also heavily edits his interviews to keep out moments where he's nailed between the eyes. I imagine what would they sound like unedited? Tucker cant keep up.

Hannity with his speech impediment? No wonder his anger. He must have been made fun off all his life. Now,he returns no mercy-lol. He just takes whatever recent law Trump broke and calls it a fantasy. I notice he tries to get mileage out of "liberals"..only nowadays liberal is making a huge comeback. Its not a dirty word in mid America..not when Trump's policy's dump people on their asses.
Hannity is just straight out ideologue. Not a hint of truth matters to him. He creates a running story and pushes it like its the real truth. Cats eat that. He's so dishonest,I bet he cheats on everything..taxes,relationships-woman or men. You never know with him is the vibe.
Rupert Murdoch is here to push making money. Nothing else matters. Its what screws up the world.