Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hard to be too critical of local media..most are about the same.

Why I sort of let up on that. Other then the hair and shoes..most of them are pretty much equal. After all theses years I still don't know how those News Directors decide that one reporter should go and another they know nothing about has to be hired. Me? I would be the good Arron Perro . That is- you have job for life..just don't be an obvious idiot like Radnich who I would fire in an instant. Sure,Gary is an icon. For everything a sportscaster shouldn't be. Pam Moore would be gone. No enablers on air.
Otherwise,at 2? I would give the heave ho to Claudine Wong. She's not a people person and her interviews are as flat as can be..she's not the type to have fun. Ask her to do a story on a water hole that's fun for jumping in? And she shows up all bundled in cloths she cleans her house in..never puts her toe in the water. But KTVU thinks she's a star- so what do I know? More power to her. I guess.
Hard to name others that I get a negative vibe from .  KGO's Laura Anthony? barrel of monkeys. Leslie Brinkly has a high opinion of herself. So does the Castro woman.
They get the job done all in vanilla.
The Male reporters? Super Vanilla...not many to name that stand out in a bad way...who terrible? JR Stone..again,he's a darling with management. So,I must be missing something on him huh?
Tom Vacar hates what he does. Or is that just the impression he laser beams out? lol. Again..hey, he's got the job. He's got a law degree. So fuck you
I hardly watch KPIX. So ..bland its like painting your room in matte eggshell white.

Hey I wonder if Britt Shipp ever thought of a breast reduction instead of those bindings she has to do to flatten herself for family news viewing? Its like watching a shy person try to blend in with the wall. Too much of a good thing...
Yeah,running out of today's observations. One day..back at it again.