Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I thought I had belly button cancer..

It started to be itchy. So,I was no pitcher,just a belly button itcher. After awhile it got more intense..I found myself scratching even with a shirt on. The other day- I noticed i had a small patch of darkened skin near the b.b. Felt a bit rough.
I think it goes back to when I was laying down watching TV and the cat was sleeping on top of me..he's a big cat too. He started to slide off me and since I was already on the edge of the mattress..he felt himself about to fall off the whole bed- that cat then grabbed on to me with full claw. Ouch.
I guess that was the cause of the irritation.
Dogs never do that. But,what can I do?..he's a pet. He still looks forward everyday to "TV hour" or so. His routine is too eat,sleep on me,eat some more..and he loves ice water. I have to put a cup on the end table..he loves the ice in it. Like father like cat,I love my ice maker refridge.
Damn animals..they give so much and ask for so little. Ice water. Cracks me up!