Saturday, July 1, 2017

KRON and NEXSTAR fire their old "HR" director. One more Radnich enabler bites the dust.

When I read that they had fired her and what her position was-HR, It came to me she was one of the enablers that let Radnich drive so many other KRON people away with his bully tactics.
Remember it was Radnich who mocked that he could do what he wanted with "Does KRON have a HR?" many times. No wonder he could bully woman at KRON- and those woman had to tell themselves "He's just being funny calling me a whore" in when Radnich waved money at Moore for a strip act. He did that. Yep "He loves us" those abused woman had to say to keep their sanity and job.
NEXSTAR has gotten KRON to be more professional. They still have a ways to go,I can tell you that.