Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lieberman not posting my comments.

Its why you don't see them. Christ,that guy is like a woman. Throws his tantrums over anything I say that's true.
He likes to post twisty insults at what I say with commenters taking a low shot..and when I come back with truth?..Lieberman wont post that. A little dirty poo I would say on his part.
But then he's the guy who loves to boost the racist Mike Savage who is popular with the far right crowd. Lieberman doesn't exactly hide that he and Savage having the same culture is a big reason "He looks past Savage politics"..yeah right,look past his reason to exist-lol.
I'm the most honest person in the media in what I say. That's what scares them. ALL of them.

One last. Lieberman is another who thinks minority means only black. He cant see past that. I sure can...