Monday, July 24, 2017

MSNBC,listens to me.boom- they go to no.1

I said "Get tougher on the Trumpers,and dump Greta.Keep Laurence.  I posted all that,tweeted all that..and MSNBC has ridden that to the top.
I tell you  I like the bald guy and Ruhl in the morning. THEY turn up the flame. The bald guy today came so close when hearing the Repub politician with the Mr. Rogers tone as he described the Trump white house.... with a big slap to his forehead and loud comeback with "DO you think I'm fucking Stupid?!?
The Repubs all do  Mr.Rogers as they try to pass bills that cause hardship for Americans that are something like Asian death camps and Nazi Holocaust centers put together. Enjoy yer cup of rice a day - the Republicans love you.