Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nancy Sinatra re tweets me.

Before the vote she like others wondered what McCain would do?   The answer is, He voted to give life to a bill he then made a passionate speech about a bill he would not support.
SO I tweeted "And then he voted to give it life. Go figure"  Nancy Sinatra I assume agreed.

Think about it..John McCain was lionized for the speech about his distaste for a bill that will strip 32 million American off of all health insurance and no doubt create a huge gray area of poor quality insurance like the old days- you found out it wasn't worth a damn when you had a heart attack or had cancer. Insurance company's after years of payments canceled you!..canceled your life. McCain had the power in his hand- one single vote to kill that bill off. Then he voted for it.
Goddamn John McCain.