Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tall thin and beautiful....I knew something was up.

I see a group of woman standing outside of office buildings. The first thing that came to me was "Must be a training center"..sure enough,I look over and see there is a technical college there.
I know Hayward..and to see 10 out of 10 be like that? Its got to be achievers,and not the usual jeans,and tight top look,if not a hoodie,and well, body shamers could have a field day here. Its rare to see a pretty face and figure in a sundress here even in hot weather.

Not a single one of those woman had pink green,or blue hair.

I keep waiting for this city to turn a corner...housing is better,the looks of the city is much better then it used to be...But,its still has too many 2nd or 3rd generation family's full of probation punks.  With the added,"Stupid people enjoy doing stupid things" pat pen.trademark,by S.