Thursday, August 31, 2017

Morons do moron things to prove to you they are not morons.

Radnich,Trump, and Hot rodders.  Same idiot.

Donald Radnich proclaims himself "King"

Those two are twins. Radnich - con artist,Trump con artist. Go all the way down the lines and those two are the same. Narcissists, braggarts, claim money makes them smarter than you or I, trophy and sort of trophy younger wives who are both climbing the walls sexless, and love to spend money to overcompensate. Both at 70 wont go away,and far more hate them then love them. BOTH RIGHT WINGERS.
Now you see what I am against? Get it now?

ps- Radnich hides behind his mothers skirt even now,exploits her for his career. How low can he and Donald go?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hot! Chuck Todd insults Casey Hunt live on TV!

Something was happening between those two as Hunts show was ending. She gritted her teeth and said with half smile "MTP with Chuck Todd" and do you know he told her "Thanks Hun,great job!"..she steamed and said thanks or something as she shook..yes,she shook.
Woo-hoo. No love lost there.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

When will Trump start the book burning?

Mattis and Tillerson are a warning to Trump that he might have to watch his back as Trump pushes all social gains to be reversed to when the Mayflower landed.  As Trump rips into Democracy, somebody might put a sudden stop to his reign.
I wake up every morning hoping that's the first thing I hear on CNN or MSNBC..

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hurricanes like reverse lotto.

I heard one person died. Man,those people know that in a hurricane,somebody is going to see their life taken. Hard to imagine to be told a killer storm is coming.
What we get in the bay are in winter is bad enough 1" of rain in 24 hours is a deluge.

No Pain,No Gain. What fails to kill us only makes us stronger. I hate those.

Jane Fonda made the first a popular catchphrase even if it goes back in various forms for hundreds of years..maybe thousands. Nietzsche said the second.

I say..simpler and less painful is the smarter way.  You could also add to those sayings in the title "And then you die".   Die and forget it all. Sometimes ( now rambling a bit) when I cant remember something  I know solid 30 or 40 years ago? I feel the taste of death. Something that had been so important to the person I was..would be forgotten forever like it never happened..if not for Google!

So,I resent that personal suffering and pain is in some way a lesson. If I was god I could invent a better Universe then that. Couldn't be that hard...

Friday, August 25, 2017

Pointless Giants and A's seasons. No reason to watch.

If your starved for baseball and young..then you go. Right now? I don't even watch.  Like watching cannon fodder and you know how much you hate fodder watching.

Gary Cohn showed Trump. Not.

I'm not believing he stayed because he's worried Trump will appoint somebody much worse.  The way to show Trump is not to support him or hold him up.  Those that do ,get what they deserve eventually.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Every problem has a solution. I'm tired of solving them.

That's what put you in the graves..the constant fixing, repairing,solving life's problems. Some are in that only "manageable" category for the duration.
I used to hear "Every problem etc," and think it was positive. I now see it as a feature to wear you down eventually and put you in a grave. Has to be some Universal rule and reason for that. Some equation.

Sara Sanders kids letters are worthless and no point.

More of what history will laugh at. Trumps government innovations.

Affirmative action on a death spiral.

University of Alaska is 1% Asian.  But its bad for blacks everywhere,not good for Latinos except in areas with a heavy population of them with the exception strangely, of UC Berkeley.
No matter where,white tends to dominate. Makes me wonder where all that anger comes from?

As far as Latinos, Those prestigious eastern schools just might have a culture that's just too foreign. I wouldn't doubt many a highly place California Latino passed up chances preferring to stay in state. Few of those colleges have Latino Alma maters to have sons and daughters to attend anyways- right?
Read and weep.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

MSNBC getting meaner and I love it.

They are doing what Carlson does on Fox,but MSNBC makes sense.
Again- Trump is trying to strip Democracy down to his rule. That will not be a Democracy. At all.

1. Trump ask for Kelly to take a bow. He did not. 2. Trump does Lenny Bruce.

Notice? He said  "Where's John?,c'mon out".  He didn't.

That whole speech was like when Bruce was losing his mind and his act became just reading his court papers to the audience. Bruce was obsessed by it.  Trump is the same about the media and Obama.
Bruce died soon after.

Interesting science trivia.

They found a fish that existed 500 million years ago. It gave live birth as one fossil was so well preserved it had an umbilical cord. The first ancient life form found with one.

In the cosmos? Well it looks like our perception of the universe is way off. If we could see it would be a tube. Your life would be a string of atoms that formed in a river stretched out on the flat Universe ( a mere slice of an infinite Universe) and then blended back in as you dissipate. From nothing to nothing.

The electron? Why are they- like all particles- perfect? You never hear a scientist say they found a flawed fat or skinny electron. All exactly perfectly the same. The answer? Because there is only one,  and that is the size of the universe. Other particles simply pass through it giving the impression of trillions..or more. Our Universe could be the fundamental particle of a larger Universe.

Finally. If you took the scale of the smallest size we can find in theory-Plank scale,and compare that to the size of the Universe as we know it, The average middle size is the same as a human cell. So,more of why we are and what size we are on that scale.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I'm starting to hate shopping.

Its always something..something in the store, or something in the parking lot or something on the drive.
Its never just get the minimum of what you,its more here and more there, and then what was just a loaf of bread and cat food becomes $120. 

I think half the loan I got for home repairs went into the Supermarkets cashbox. Feels like that.

Trump running for e-election,7 months into office. Thats getting things done huh?

President Jack Ass- keeping Secret Security busy no doubt reading all the hate- is now going into AriMexico and going to rip all the brown people. Oh,he's going to be popular now!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Every street lined with cars...

I was in a small neighborhood yesterday in a cul de sac. I could hardly see the homes. Cars were parked nearly bumper to bumper all the way around.  Same for me..I better take a picture of my yard on the rare days a car isn't parked in front. Usually many cars.
I have lived long enough to remember...the bay area wasn't like that and you had to go to downtown for that. Everyplace is becoming downtown.
Yep,if I ever move?  Traffic.

Jerry Lewis hilarious except when he wasnt being funny.

Seen all his movies- are you kidding me? Ch2 or 36 or 44,all weekends had Lewis movies in the morning or afternoon in the 60's and 70's.
I guess the problem was when he gave interviews,he didn't have a humble bone in his body. He was another who appreciated his greatness long before you could compliment him on it. I really think he bought into the stereotype that if you make it,the way to prove it is too belittle people- ALL people. Old,old days.

Just the other day I was wondering about him. Hadn't heard a thing about him lately. Oh,yeah- now I remember. I was wondering if his son had written "This Diamond Ring"? Got me to wonder what Jerry had done to help the sons band. Loved that song as a kid in second grade.

Suddenly Nazi articles and photos of lynchings are all over the net. Thank you Donald Trump.

I was looking for something not political on Google images..and lower down I see a website with lynching photos. Gruesome. Yahoo news has a ton of links to Nazi this and that.

What he's undone in 7 months is near nightmare levels. What if Congress hadn't stopped him ? The higher courts?..he would have been power mad x 1,000 right now.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Go Your Own least its not a laxative commerical.

I had to rewind to see what the Fleetwood Mac imitators were pushing. I guessed some type of bowel relief..but it was for something serious.
I wonder how much more Fleetwood Mac would have wanted for EX LAX?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why you can't hate white people. They fight the bigoted white people best.

I learned- noticed even as a kid,that there are white people who genuinely get angry at other white people oppressing people of color from lynchings down to simple snubs at get togethers.
I use to listen to them,and they had better insight as to why racist white people have hate for people of color because some were raised hearing that hate. So,I listened. Conversely, A few times,I did have people that I met or were just acquaintances drop bigoted opinions on me forgetting that I was not white. What could I do? He or she seemed ok to me ..and I to them,to that point. Funny,how some were blinded to my color before eventually they got that "oop,I just woke up" look.
I guess in California you forget two things about the rest of the country: They get rain in summer,and 2. Some live where everybody looks like themselves. Or high percentage.

I told you... I never had a crowd "Only like me". Not in my younger life,not now. So,all this open bigotry from the an eye opener in a way.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Republicans trying top make Anti Fascism a dirty word!

How low can they go? For some reason fighting racism and fascism is now wrong! Yes,if they call you antifa or something like that- you are supposed to feel insulted!  Gee,What next from Republicans?  Savepeoplefromburningbuilding, is now a hate group?  Firemen!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amazing how Republicans elected have so often been worst ever.

Nixon,Trump,Bushes.  Look at Paul Ryan,Mitch...Sessions.  The open bigot Stephen King in Idaho. It just goes on and on.  Every now and then a Demo gets caught at something..but never like the Repubs who do what they preach against.
They also never fight in wars..chickenhawks all.   Demos go to wars and hate war.
Look at Trumps cabinet...nobody who ever fought. Nobody who believes in global warming or evolution. What Demo doesn't believe in those?
Decade after decade Repubs blame the poorest of the poor as the reason for all the ills of the middle class..pitting have nothings with have somethings..while the 3% at the top who have all, laugh. Works every time pitting them two.
No matter how little Republicans promise..and they deliver on that promise of giving nothing to society...they get votes.

America is far more bigoted than I ever thought.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump hated to make that speech. What followed was the real him, "Fake News"..bullshit.

What more can be said about this guy who pouts and displays no understanding of the world outside his own? Hmm?  He's dangerous. Worry.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump parses words on whats accepted and not on bigotry.

He never said Nazi,racist. Nationalism.  Not a bad word for them. Or Putin.

If PBS weekend shows are their idea of a great use of programming,I would hate to see a bad idea of theirs..

Junk and schlock. 9,10,17,22 all the local PBS shows and cable channels.   PBS couldn't put together a lefty live news show on something breaking,if their lives depended on it.
I don't know what the Public part even stands for anymore.

Oh,and how cowardly that they would not call themselves the People's Broadcasting System?  Or because they aren't for the People?

People just call him Trump..or Asshole Trump or Fucking idiot Trump.. or..

Notice nobody you know calls him president?  Its like he's not even capable of getting respect for the word. Even on political shows..some stick to Trump and nothing else.
No wonder his Obama jealousy is eating him up.

Friday, August 11, 2017

MSNBC mum on Chris Matthews absence.

No "He's on vacation"..or he will be back Monday.  The guy snuck up on me and got old. Do you know he's 71 now? Has Diabetes.
I remember when he came out of nowhere to be the NBC star. I didnt think it was that long ago. Huh.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just think..if some devious country fired a rocket at NK...that could trigger a war.

Say some middle eastern terrorists sneak some shoulder missile into South Korea...then one night fired off a couple of rockets at North Korea artillery near the border.
My next book's plot.

Trump confident he covered his tracks..

Teams of lawyers have been at it..and I'm sure they have told Trump "Nothing on you now".  Hmm. We will find out.

Movie: Our Idiot Brother.

You would think any pairing of Elizabeth Banks and Zooey Deschanel would be devastatingly sexy.
Instead,Banks wears a bad wig of dark hair and Descanel plays a lesbian's wife.  The slight flashes of those two being sexy were interrupted by 90 minutes or so of just the usual lovable slacker hipster types with Paul Rudd.
I feel cheated. Not a single scene of slow moving camera following long legs of the duo who play sisters. No nudity...but they carry enough with clothes on to get the job done. But,nothing in this movie even of that.
Zooey Deschanel has a great voice..she's not the eternal college girl voice like many Hollywood actresses are...or maybe High School. Nope,she's all woman.
I wish I was director of this movie..every single man would have been getting the warm fuzzys like when you find the perfect one.

We cant take 3 and half years of this.

I wouldn't put it past Trump to be plotting a Zombie apocalypse to hang on to power. He's actually floating suspending the 2020 election due to what he calls "Disputed voters"..his own fake cause now used to take over Democracy.
If you haven't heard about it- google like mad.

Trump...chief idiot in charge. Republicans will end America making it great...

You Republicans got what you talk,just bullets.
Everyday now I'm reminded how bigoted the red voters are. 

You are on your own. Trump a nowhere man in his nowhere land.

You would think,if he was ever going to reassure the American people with a press conference it would be after North Korea threatens to nuke Guam and or the west coast.
He's nowhere.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trump dreams of regular use of nuclear bombs.

Bet on it...drop them on Afghanistan,Iran,Iraq...some pipsqueak country gets in his way? Bombs away. Then he thinks,"The crowds will cheer"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Remember, a burning North Korea will create a type of nuclear winter. No summer for two years?

One problem with nuking them is..its also going to hit the USA if only for freakishly cold summers or winters.
Donald Trump in time of crises. You goddamn Republicans.
Neutron Bombs? Yes many the length of the demilitarized zone is going to create wildfires.
Nothing good is going to happen. Donald Trump..fucking Trump. Russians and bigoted Republicans gave us him.

Obama plays.

Lets say his legacy wont praise his silence. Its been his worst trait.

Today's musical interlude...

 Have a nice day. Maybe your final one.

Lets pretend NK wont fire its missiles. Like Pakistan or China or Russia. .America really fucked up in Trump.

Remember when the PTL scandal broke? When Jim Bakker was sentenced to prison he rolled up into a fetal position and cried in a corner - true story.  I see Donald Trump doing the same damn thing every day when he hears about North Korea and Mueller's investigation.
Those xenophobes in mid American sure set us up for Armageddon. Ironic since NK is very xeno.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

MSNBC is getting meaner.

I like it!  Why would I want to watch a network just report that Trump is walking over Democracy?  Fox is last because that's what they do.

Who predicted- told you- Trump would be a recluse President? Me,that's who.

He hasn't had a presscon in 6 months. No American media is allowed to get AMERICANS who want to shout in protest are ever allowed for miles. Other then his cookie cutter campaign rally's..he's not to be seen or heard talking.
You cant get any more recluse for a President..but he might!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Vlad Putin's daughter more beautiful then Ivanka..and a med student.

NO wonder he's got no time to pamper Trump..Vlad does manly things like hunt and fish,and Trump does things like golf and go to society dinners and beauty pageants.
Putin has the smarter, better looking daughter. I can see why Vlad would think he's numero uno honcho when those two get together.
Vladimir might have calluses...Trump? soft girly hands.

Are you getting lots of phone calls from the WH? I am.

What a catchy #number initials. Or WHC. White House Center?..all day. I never answer. If its Trump? There would only be cuss words out of me. Go all Tourette on his ass...

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mark Carpenter actually does a sportscast without shoulder hunching laughing.

Or giggling or guffawing.  That might be a rare thing at KRON. 

Proof my life is part of a Universal script. Death and hard boiled egg.

See,I read on the internet that a his 40's who I supposed was famous and had a reputation for good music? He choked to death on a hard boiled egg.
C'mon, that is sooooo phony Universe. You can't fool me that somebody in his 40's that  achieved so much dies in a hospital of all places,choking on an egg-lol.  Yeah,,that kind of thing proves its all an illusion. Some bad script writer who's writing my life wanted me to see that.
Nobody dies eating a hard boiled egg. 

Chris Mathews ill? Man,he coughs and chokes a lot..seems thinner.

I wonder whats going on with that old guard? This thing he's aging into- a thinner Tip O Neil- seems to be taking a toll on the guy.

Well,that's interesting- Nichole Wallace has the fastest and best comebacks.

She gets it. She gets the point and goes right to it. I like this rougher tougher MSNBC. They better be since if Trump got his way, all media will be American RT. Cut it loose and fight hard MSNBC. Democracy is at stake.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Laura Garcia tweets me. Take that.

It was inferred by some scrub that Laura would worry about me. Perish the thought. Great photo of her on 415...

WH wants only "highly skilled"? Since when hasn't this country taken them?

Plus- what highly skilled person is going to bath and feed the old invalids? Who is going pick the produce in the field all year? Not in the family garden on a fun weekend..but WORK in 100 degree heat all day?
Its so common knowledge this country is getting old. We need the Mexicans and Philippines and from India to Samoa and beyond to prop up those who will fall.

Bloomberg news editor- Blonde dynamite. Megan Murphy.

Like you might think,I watch a lot of cable news. Now.  I am not alone as the adds for all manner of medications for older people also are constant. BUT!..As I wrote before,needs repeating. WHY are so many female political writers in head positions ( ehem) beautiful?  I mean if it wasn't for Barbara Starr who looks like my late Aunts did..a regular woman..I would think you have to have Hollywood good looks to be a political woman writer.
For men,I dont see that standard. At all. Nada.Niet. uh-uh.

I don't hate them because they are beautiful..I don't even have an iota of resentment-lol..Its just a wonder.