Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amazing how Republicans elected have so often been worst ever.

Nixon,Trump,Bushes.  Look at Paul Ryan,Mitch...Sessions.  The open bigot Stephen King in Idaho. It just goes on and on.  Every now and then a Demo gets caught at something..but never like the Repubs who do what they preach against.
They also never fight in wars..chickenhawks all.   Demos go to wars and hate war.
Look at Trumps cabinet...nobody who ever fought. Nobody who believes in global warming or evolution. What Demo doesn't believe in those?
Decade after decade Repubs blame the poorest of the poor as the reason for all the ills of the middle class..pitting have nothings with have somethings..while the 3% at the top who have all, laugh. Works every time pitting them two.
No matter how little Republicans promise..and they deliver on that promise of giving nothing to society...they get votes.

America is far more bigoted than I ever thought.