Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Interesting science trivia.

They found a fish that existed 500 million years ago. It gave live birth as one fossil was so well preserved it had an umbilical cord. The first ancient life form found with one.

In the cosmos? Well it looks like our perception of the universe is way off. If we could see it would be a tube. Your life would be a string of atoms that formed in a river stretched out on the flat Universe ( a mere slice of an infinite Universe) and then blended back in as you dissipate. From nothing to nothing.

The electron? Why are they- like all particles- perfect? You never hear a scientist say they found a flawed fat or skinny electron. All exactly perfectly the same. The answer? Because there is only one,  and that is the size of the universe. Other particles simply pass through it giving the impression of trillions..or more. Our Universe could be the fundamental particle of a larger Universe.

Finally. If you took the scale of the smallest size we can find in theory-Plank scale,and compare that to the size of the Universe as we know it, The average middle size is the same as a human cell. So,more of why we are and what size we are on that scale.