Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why you can't hate white people. They fight the bigoted white people best.

I learned- noticed even as a kid,that there are white people who genuinely get angry at other white people oppressing people of color from lynchings down to simple snubs at get togethers.
I use to listen to them,and they had better insight as to why racist white people have hate for people of color because some were raised hearing that hate. So,I listened. Conversely, A few times,I did have people that I met or were just acquaintances drop bigoted opinions on me forgetting that I was not white. What could I do? He or she seemed ok to me ..and I to them,to that point. Funny,how some were blinded to my color before eventually they got that "oop,I just woke up" look.
I guess in California you forget two things about the rest of the country: They get rain in summer,and 2. Some live where everybody looks like themselves. Or high percentage.

I told you... I never had a crowd "Only like me". Not in my younger life,not now. So,all this open bigotry from the an eye opener in a way.