Monday, September 4, 2017

Low life Radnich and KNBR and KRON.

Like I don't know he and they use info only they have to stalk me with trolls he probably pays? He even said as much once on KNBR. I heard it.
Its why I will hit back 10x harder. Radnich..,good guy?..all bullshit.
Radnich has earned and deserved what he's gotten from me ...and much worse that I never sank to. No low is too low for the man who never had a good word posted by any other member of the media about him. Nobody defends him. Ask Kate Scott.
That embalmed corpse for a dad to an 8 year old is a fool. Send him to a taxidermist.

It might be time for me being Mr.Nice guy to end.